2020 ASPE Virtual Conference - Posters

Posters Presented at the 2020 ASPE Virtual Conference

Course Details

Poster Presentations
Aligning Learner Accommodations with Standardized Clinical Exams
Analysis of Technical, Operations and Management Roles in Healthcare Simulation
Experiential Learning in Communication with Transgender Patients Using SPs
Racial Bias in the Assessment and Care of Victims of Intimate Partner Violence: Emerging Results from a Formative OSCE
Training PETAs for Accurate Orthopedic Exam Assessment
HENT to HENOT – Integrating Medicine and Dentistry
Adapting Simulated Patients to Classroom-based Simulation
Super Charging Simulated Patient Educator Professional Development with Longitudinal E-Learning
Standardized Patient Self Assessment of Online Skills and Comfort Using a Web-Based Training Platform
Are Authentic Patient’s Voices, Their Experiences of Illness/Healthcare Being Lost in SP Methodologies? A Scoping Review.
Medical Students Coach Standardized Patients in Simulations for High School Students
Subtraction Equals Addition: The Hidden Benefits of Doing More with Less
Creating a Standardized Client Role with Diverse Emotional Range
Evaluating Simulation Experiences in Standardized Patient Encounters: Did the Vision Translate to Evidence of Success?
Creating Inter-Professional Education (IPE) Simulations for Nursing Students Using Standardized Patients (SPs)
Impact of Socioeconomic Bias on the Decision Making of Emergency Medicine Residents
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